1. We fully produce the Smart Tour property video for you, and supply you with a special banner ​on your property's
    ​'hero' image, encouraging viewers to view the video tour on their phone.

2. You simply add this new 'hero' image to all of your print marketing (see example below).

3. Each time someone watches the video tour on their get their phone number!


Potential buyers who see your marketing are prompted to send a text message to request the FREE video tour.

Within seconds they receive an automatic text reply to play the video tour right there and then on their phone.

Each weekday you will receive a report direct to your inbox with a list of mobile phone numbers for each person who has requested the video tour via their mobile phone.

Now you can follow up with the leads, have more feedback to report to your vendors, and grow your database of valuable contacts!

Check out the example
on your phone!

Play the FREE Video Tour Now. 
Just text  VIDEO197 to 0418 322 878

(cost: 1 standard text message)

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